Sarah Martzolf

Sarah Martzolf

Grace Kaynor, Designer behind 1434 Toledano

1434 Toledano is a special house, thoughtfully designed by New Orleans native Grace Kaynor.  Both Grace and the owner live by “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Grace is the creative eye behind a number of homes in New Orleans and 1434 Toledano shows off her love of color, wallpaper, and restoring historic homes. 

Grace and the owner worked together to thoughtfully design warm and unique spaces for entertaining and easy living on each of the three incredible floors. You can see this throughout the home in every detail, from the restored medallion in the foyer to the historically accurate hardware on all of the doors and windows throughout the home.

Fun fact about the family room…when the owner wanted to get rid of the curtains in the family room, Grace told her to keep them, basing the blue in them for the color used to repaint the kitchen cabinets and trim (Sherwin-Williams Delft).

Grace owns an interior design store on Magazine Street, Sotre. Sotre offers design ideas to the public via gifts and objects as well as soft furnishings like bedding and textiles. Sotre is now open and will provide face masks and hand sanitizer for clients, observe social distance rules and clean the store frequently. Free delivery for local clients is still available! 

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