By badmin August 31, 2017

The Martzolf Group, a New Orleans-based luxury real estate company, announces a new look and luxury business model designed to benefit the Group’s unique take on the traditional home buying experience. The newly launched brand identity centers on the Group’s “sell, find, design” mantra, a model that has established the team as the premier real estate group in the city. The Martzolf Group offers full service, luxury real estate experience with emphasis on maximizing investment through good design.

The Group, which is comprised of agents Sarah Martzolf, Kristen Nelson, and Hayley Bumpas, finds strength in each agent’s professional capabilities. By celebrating each woman’s unique offerings, the Martzolf Group is able to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to local home buyers. The Group’s “sell, find, design” maxim speaks to their love of not only selling homes, but designing gorgeous spaces that promote purchasing at a larger price tag. The Martzolf Group was formed for this reason, as the agents come together to showcase the best of their talents and the best of New Orleans luxury homes.

While coordinating the revamped branding and luxury label, the team members felt it necessary to incorporate their unique identities into the new logo. The Group finds it adds a personal touch crucial to forming relationships with clients and celebrating the unique luxury of New Orleans homes. The logo also reflects the story of the Martzolf Group and how the three agents come together to provide a luxury home purchasing experience.

About The Martzolf Group:

The Martzolf Group brings to the table over 25 years of combined experience and an eye for design that gives clients the buying and selling advantage. Whether conceptualizing prized possessions in a new space or staging a home with carefully selected curated items for the best outcome when it hits the market, the Group’s motto that “Design with Attention to Value” has clients coming out on top in every transaction. The Group may be reached by phone at (504) 450-3515 or (504) 339-3676 or online


You can download the digital Press Release here.